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At Dragon Springs Wellness you are able to select from the following therapies. These services provide a range of applications, customized to your particular needs that nurture deep healing for optimal wellbeing.

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I’ve always been a person that seeks to understand the nature of something. To me, going to the heart of the matter tends to elucidate the causes that have led up to the imbalances one experiences. Acupuncture is a very powerful application that is part of the 5000 year old Chinese medical system that goes to the heart of the issue and rebalances not only the body but, the mind and spirit as well so that you can begin to heal on multiple levels rather than mask symptoms.

Acupuncture uses sterilized, fine needles placed on the body along energy pathways called meridians. Specific points along these meridians are used to direct the quality and quantity of Qi Flow (vital life force energy) breaking up areas of stagnation and tonifying areas that are deficient. This energetic delivery sends signals to the nervous and endocrine systems causing the body to respond by releasing neurochemicals that reduce inflammation and pain, improve blood flow, and rebalance mood. Because acupuncture has a regulating effect, it can address a variety of conditions and dis-eases related to the demands of modern day stressors and constitutional issues.

People who are hesitant about needles tend to ask if acupuncture hurts. Most often acupuncture is painless because of the design of the needles, the depth, and placement of them. The tip of these surgical steel needles are beveled which does not cut or damage skin cells like hypodermic needles do. Many times needle depths range from a few millimeters to 1/2 inch or more depending on the location and the body type of the person. In addition, acupuncture needles are hair-thin so most of the time you don’t notice them being inserted. Once the needles are placed it’s common to feel different sensation within the body ranging from a mild ache, a spreading warmth, or a pressure sensation all of which are normal and dissipate as the needles are left in. Ultimately, you will feel more relaxed and calm after a session.

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Generational patterns are passed down not just in the form of physical and cognitive behaviors but, also on a cellular level. Traditional Ancestral healing works with identifying ancestral patterns, revealing where there may be “energetic kinks” in your lineage, restoring balance, and becoming more attuned to your ancestors so that personal and generational healing can be attained. There are many different ways to work with your ancestors through sacred and ritualistic processes. The results can bring forth great transformation personally, professionally, and spiritually.

These sessions are dynamic and conducted through a divination process using the 5 elements which can be done online or in-person. Each session incorporates a range of techniques that may include drumming, singing, chanting, herbal smudges, breath work, essential oils, flower essences, and guided mediation.  In-person sessions have the additional option of incorporating acupuncture as a way to ground and deepen the energies that come through once the divination is completed.  A ritual prescription may be given to be done after the session to allow deeper integration and healing to occur.

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An ancient, non-invasive healing energy technique that consists of placing the hands slightly above the body or lightly on the body at different locations allowing for the flow of Universal life force energy to be transmitted from me to the patient. This energetic transmission allows deep relaxation, reduces pain and inflammation, and speeds up healing and recovery. By being able to sense areas that are blocked or deficient, I can help to rebalance your vital energy circulation. During your session, I will intuit aspects and the nature of the energetic imbalance and will share what I discover at the end of our time together. If appropriate, flower essences and essential oils may be used to enhance and ground your treatment. In turn, your experience and feedback is encouraged.  This allows for a more cohesive integration of what took place and helps you to continue to process after your session.

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