Considerate Care and Safety Procedures
A pink gradient acupuncture needle

It’s very important that my patients know I’ve taken careful and considerate steps to ensure that I’m following the recommendations and guidelines for creating a safe space for our in-person sessions.

Treatments are spaced apart to allow ample time to mindfully sanitize & prepare your room for your visit.

All treatment areas are attentively cleaned using EPA approved disinfectants and are suited with HEPA/UVC light filtration units that turn the air over four times per hour allowing for increased ventilation and purification.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are in each treatment room for your convenience and hand washing is required before your treatment.

I ask that you wear a mask to your session. If you forget or do not have one I can provide one for you.

I will be sending out a pre-screening checklist for you to fill out and email back to me 24-48 before your session.

In order to practice social distancing, I ask that you arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This way each patient can enter and exit with limited contact with other patients.

Please be mindful of what you bring into the space. Water bottles are fine but limit bags and backpacks to one if possible.

As part of my continual efforts to make each patient feel comfortable and safe, I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

At this time, the waiting room is closed. Please come to your session alone. If you need assistance and must bring another person with you please notify me before your appointment.