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Malinda has been attuned to her inner calling since she was a little girl. Being raised in the Midwest and on the East Coast, gave her a unique perspective on family dynamics, ethnic & cultural diversity, and how generational patterns contribute to one’s health, relationships, and the ability to function and navigate through life. Growing up she was always drawn to help those in need and became interested in psychology, metaphysics, dreams analysis, astrology and spirituality from a young age.

In her early 20s, while living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Malinda began to delve deeply into shamanism, spirituality, and nature.  It was here that her love for the outdoors, natural therapies, energy work, and acupuncture was discovered. Malinda knew she had found her path based on the dramatic health benefits she received from Eastern medicine. To her, acupuncture embodied a holistic and natural way of effectively helping one move towards a healthier quality of life by addressing core imbalances physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Before enrolling into an acupuncture program, Malinda spent many years working with special needs/autistic children and at-risk adolescents. This encouraged her to pursue an education in psychology so she could understand the interconnectedness of the mind-body relationship and how it influences one’s health and functioning in life.  She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology from New York University and graduated summa cum laude. She then attended a three year Masters of Science Acupuncture program in New York City and graduated with honors.

Over the past ten years, Malinda has continued with post-graduate mentorships and apprenticeships with renowned masters in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine allowing her to hone her skills in Chinese energetic medicine, Japanese, and dry-needling techniques. Her training and clinical experience allows her to address a variety of symptoms related to structural, energetic, and psycho-spiritual-emotional imbalances.  In addition, Malinda has trained in goddess mystery traditions and has been initiated into the Usui System of Reiki, an ancient, non-invasive energy modality used by the Buddha. It elicits deep healing and rejuvenation to the body, mind, and spirit.

In 2019, during a profound and sacred journey to South Africa, It was divined and confirmed that Malinda was to be initiated as a Sangoma, which is an Ancestral Shaman within the Zulu tradition. She underwent intensive training and completed her first graduation ceremonies in May of 2021. She has earned the title of Gogo and was given the Zulu name of Umhawu AmaLwandle (pronounced as oom-how-oo Amal-wan-tdlay) which means Heart of the Ocean.

A traveler by heart, Malinda has journeyed to many sacred places working, studying, and experiencing healings with indigenous and traditional healers from all over the world.

Malinda is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the states of New York, Connecticut, and Wisconsin.

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From the very first appointment with Malinda my whole body responded positively to her treatment, and I knew that I had encountered a true healer. I immediately trusted her because of her attentiveness, her professional skills and how she applies her intuition during a session. I know she is focusing on me as an individual and my body’s unique energy. She is generous with her healing abilities and knowledge, and also recommends other practitioners when its appropriate.

I’ve been fortunate to volunteer at the Parkinson’s Clinic that Malinda has founded, as well. This free clinic provides an amazing service to local people in need of relief from their chronic symptoms that allopathic medicine cannot always provide. The clinic is more than an opportunity to receive treatment – it is a community of providers, patients, care-takers, families and friends supporting each other in many ways. It has been a moving experience to be part of this wonderful project.

Anneliese M.

The short story: Malinda moved mountains for me. She carefully investigated my health concerns, made me feel immediately cared for, and got results medical doctors were certain were impossible. The gratitude I have for Malinda’s expertise and kindness brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

The long story: When I went to Malinda late in my second pregnancy, I was desperate and upset. At 35 weeks pregnant, I had a marginal placenta previa, and the protocol is to schedule an early c-section at 37 weeks. The placenta was too close to the cervix, according to doctors, for a safe vaginal delivery. I was very worried about the negative effects of early delivery for the baby and disappointed about having surgery rather than a natural birth, as I’d had with my first. At 35 weeks, the placenta so rarely moves out of the way that doctors generally do not check its location again by ultrasound before performing a c-section. Mine were not planning to check again, though they agreed to one “last ditch” exam at my request. I went to Malinda for treatment during my 35th and 36th weeks. At the end of the 36th week, the ultrasound showed that the placenta was completely out of the way, and I was cleared for a vaginal birth. I was over the moon! My husband and I danced out of the ultrasound room, and that day my face actually got tired from so much grinning. I was so relieved and so happy to have avoided an unnecessary c-section. I continued to have acupuncture to assist with a smooth delivery. And smooth it was. I labored for 4 and a half hours and delivered my daughter naturally – and joyfully – with both of us in excellent health!

Molly B.

Back pain is something I have lived with most of my adult life. In the spring of 2013 the pain became unbearable so my family doctor ordered x-rays and an MRI which resulted in findings that were 20% worse than those taken 2 years previously. My family doctor and orthopedist were very concerned that I would end up with foot drop or incontinence because of the severity of spinal stenosis, curvature of my spine, etc and recommended immediate surgery.

Having a family of “Bad Backs” who had surgery proved to me not to be an answer, so I wanted a second opinion from a neurosurgeon. I had to wait months to get in.

A Woman’s Health Expo was held in the spring that very honestly did change my life. It was there that I met Malinda Sanducci of Dragon Springs Acupuncture. Malinda was providing free acupuncture treatments and I, having always believed in ancient Chinese medicine, knew I wanted to give it a try.

I talked very freely as Malinda is so very easy to talk with, and I explained my entire situation. Being a bit afraid (never having had this procedure) and letting Malinda know how vulnerable and fragile my back felt and hurt, she proceeded with a very gentle manner. When I was helped off the table, it sure felt good to be relaxed. The procedure did not hurt and Malinda being intuitive as she is knew exactly how to help me and discussed future treatments. Not wanting surgery or being addicted to hydrocodon, I wanted Malinda’s acupuncture treatments. She said she could help me and she did!

My neurosurgeon and family doctor does not recommend surgery as long as I am not in pain and I am able to continue with Smartbells, strengthening my inner core, walking, and acupuncture! Thanks to you Malinda, I am living a normal life! You are the best!

Peg Schmidt

Noticeable results from the first visit. Comfortable. Professional. Caring.

Susan Shier

A visit to Malinda’s office will change your perspective or any preconceptions you may have had in regards to Acupuncture. She truly personifies the many gentle but powerful benefits of acupuncture. As a fellow practitioner of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine it is very apparent to me how her experience, knowledge and mindfulness to being present enhances the life force of all who are treated by her. Thank You for being there for all of us!

Lorraine Hughes

The pain from a cracked tooth had dominated my life for several days. The entire right side of my face was in spasm when I went to Malinda. After one treatment I am pain-free and able to relax. Thank you!

Rachel Evans

I’ve had five sessions with Malinda so far. I’ve made it part of my monthly health regimen because of the results I’ve seen. What I’ve liked is that some were immediate and some have taken time to reveal. Malinda is patient in answering any questions I might have about what’s happening. I recommend Malinda if you are looking for an amazing acupuncturist or you want to experience acupuncture for the first time.

Yvette Yeomans

Malinda brings compassion, intelligence and spirituality to everything she does. She is a talented and caring acupuncturist who has gone beyond the standard level of study. I have complete confidence in highly recommending her.

Emilie Connor, founder of Holistic Health Center of Southbury

Malinda, I wanted to thank you so much for all your help with removing the scars from my tummy tuck surgery. After having two children via c-sections, my body had transformed into something I was no longer proud of. I did not realize that having a tummy tuck would leave me with an angry, raging and painful scar. After just a few treatments focused on my abdominal area not only has my scar almost completely vanished but my overall health and physical wellbeing has improved drastically! I highly recommend acupuncture for anyone looking to improve their health after any kind of surgery, it has been nothing short of a miracle that I feel this incredible. Thank you!


I have been the happy recipient of acupuncture specifically targeted to Parkinson's Disease patients at a clinic run by Malinda Sanducci. Over the years, Malinda has, with great care and compassion, given me acupuncture treatments that have strengthened my body's self healing capacities and soothed the Parkinson's symptoms by increasing the proper flow of energy through the meridians. She deftly attends to energy blockages and whatever else it is that acupuncture does. I always feel better, more balanced and well cared for during and after her treatments. I am ever grateful for her expertise. I have had acupuncture from others who were nowhere near as good as she is. I give her my highest recommendation and my heartfelt thanks.

Kay Disbrow